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Witchy Woman - Riding the October winds of change

I don’t usually copy large swaths of someone else’s blog post, but this one from Jen Wyatt of Wander Free Wellness seemed to just hit the spot on this lovely, cool October morning. Jen’s insight into some of our churning questions—ones that seem to be difficult to pinpoint—as human beings living in a community that seems to be falling apart at the seams is refreshing, just when we need it most.

And she has a fun way of looking at our typical October haunts, she turns them into something meaningful and wonderfully representative.

“What a time to be alive! Sometimes I wonder what the hell our souls were thinking coming down here at this time, like is this just a cosmic joke? But then I remember that life has always been difficult, throughout the ages. We are resilient. I remember some words my father told me last year about how most generations throughout history have gone through some sort of large hardship or turmoil. And most people throughout the world were going through it even before the pandemic. We, as Americans, were just pretty lucky in the latter half the 20th century and into the 21st that we had not faced a national or global catastrophe…yet. And so here we are.

We will get through this. And, with conscious choice, can become even stronger and wiser because of this time. We can become even more solid in who we are, in what we believe in, and in our ability to adapt and fly with the winds of change.

Speaking of wind, I breathe a sigh of relief because finally we are feeling some cool winds now that we have reached October. Ahhhh, October.”

Here’s me riding the winds of change:

“In all seriousness, I have personally been in and out of some deep shadow time. I’ve hit some major milestones I am proud of, and I’ve hit some real emotional lows. I know that this is part of the process of what I described above — becoming more firmly rooted in who I am, in my values, in what I believe in, and in aligning my life (and business) with that.

I’ve been forced to slow down. I’ve been forced to surrender.

So much seems to reflect these two options. A parking ticket. A fender bender. A speeding ticket. (I take responsibility for my actions and choices, here.) Parts of my car breaking down and needing replacing. Miscommunications. Obstacles. Simple, normally easy things feeling really really difficult.

It is all forcing me to give up control over the situation. What’s done is done. Sometimes situations are not fun and we literally cannot control them. And there are things that happen that we cannot undo. And instead of getting upset that they are happening, or caught up in regret, we have to accept and surrender some of the control.

I cannot control most of my external circumstances. But I can control how I react to them, and I can control the changes I make within myself and within my sphere of influence.”

Sound like any of you? Sounds like ME!…

”We are being called to release control over that which we have no power.

But we are solidifying our own true, wild selves and drawing a line in the sand as to what we will and will not allow in this wounded, warped world.

What is the difference, you, as an individual can make in this time?

What CAN you control?

Four ideas from me:

  • Put your energy toward becoming the truest, most free version of yourself. Drop things that aren’t aligned with you anymore. Invest your time and energy in that which lights up your soul.

  • Speak your truth. Even if it’s unpopular. Even if it’s scary. There are people just like you who are waiting for the permission to think or speak the same thought. Be fully you. Fully expressed.

  • Follow your intuition, always. Even when it’s hard. Even when it comes with consequences. Even when it goes against the people around you or the society you live in. Even if it means you’ll be very uncomfortable. Life isn’t about doing what’s comfortable, it’s about doing what’s right for you. Follow your intuition.

  • Encourage others to follow their intuition. Encourage others to speak their truth. Encourage others to be the truest, most free version of themselves. Respect them if that version of them is different from you. If it’s true for them, it benefits the world.

Yes, the world benefits from each individual being their most sovereign free wild TRUE selves. This is how we change the world. One individual being their true self adds to communities. Communities filled with sovereign individuals create beautiful innovation and change. Communities that are conscious like this have the potential to do anything. We are unlimited. And we do not consent to anything that oppresses, stifles, censors, or squashes the true, wild, soul selves within us. Let us find expansion.

Finding the balance of surrender and flow leads to expansion.

Trust in being the “you-est” version of you.

Let the goddess hold you.

Let us ride the winds of change like the magical beings we are.

Cackling into October with you…

Thanks Jen, I needed that :)

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