Preston County

Farm Crawl

Farm Crawls are popping up all over the nation, they are an opportunity to get an inside look at the operations of locally owned and operated agricultural businesses.

The Preston County Farm Crawl includes locally owned and operated vegetable growers - traditional and hydroponic, meat farmers - cattle and bison, an alpaca farm, a winery, and a brewery. 

July 14, 2019

The Farms & Businesses

Round Right Farm

The Farm has become a great place for us to earn a living, raise our kids, contribute to our community, and indulge our creativity as we explore the complex relationship between humans and the natural environment.

Our farm's mission is to provide the Morgantown area with the most delicious and tasty food anywhere. We view farming as an art and take pride in growing and finding the best flavors that nature can offer. Although we are not USDA certified organic, we exclusively follow those practices.

Riffle Farms

Bison roam the 64 rolling acres, nestled between ridge lines in Terra Alta. At 2,200 ft in elevation, a healthy upward draft keeps the grass cool, the snow heavy, and the springs plentiful. These animals are 100% grass-fed and finished. Riffle Farms is committed to providing their customers with an ethically raised, healthier meat option. Bison rivals chicken in fat content, surpasses salmon in protein content, and has more omega-3 fatty acids than beef. 

EB Farms

EB Farms formed for the specific purpose of growing and marketing high quality specialty crops in a controlled environment greenhouse, utilizing the most recent technology in soil-less, hydroponic growing systems. A controlled environment greenhouse facility encompassing over 16,000 sq. ft. constructed in Aurora, WV and is growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce and herbs. EB Farms formed in loving memory of Erwin Bliss Stemple.

Crimson Shamrock Ranch

The Crimson Shamrock Ranch has been a leading Suri Breeder for over a decade.Our Customers are the Most Well Known and Respected Suri Breeders in the Country. We provide the finest alpaca breeding stock known. Our show records prove our success in the breeding of the highest quality suris in the US. 

Pike Mountain Farm

3 years ago, with a newborn baby in hand, we bought a small farm in Reedsville, West Virginia. We have no "real" farm experience, neither of us grew up raising animals or other sources of food. However, we do have our faith in Jesus, a God-sized dream, our love and devotion for each other and the support of our families - and for us that's all we need.

Welcome to our farm Story - Come Grow With Us! We pasture raise chickens and pigs, and have a variety of products to offer. 

High Ground Brewing

We are a veteran owned and family operated brewery located in Preston County West Virginia. Starting in March 2019, we are on tap in several areas of North-Central West Virginia. We promise a unique and delicious craft beer experience with products that will come to you with hard work, passion and quality as its backbone. 

Broken Tractor Farm & Winery

The Broken Tractor Farm offers a winery, vacation cabin, paintball fields, produce stand, primitive camping by the creek, and much more all on the headwaters of the Little Sandy Creek in Preston County, WV!

Possum Tail Farm

Possum Tail Farm is a family-owned and operated farm. We plan to preserve this opportunity for future generations. We strive to make discerning use of inputs, maintain excellent land stewardship practiced, and product high-quality products for the consumer. We value rural life and are committed to enriching our community and culture. We transitioned our farm to a Certified Naturally Grown Status in 2012! 


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Plan Your Crawl Route

Pike Mountain Farm**

3351 Kingwood Pike

Reedsville, WV 26547

High Ground Brewing**

102 Railroad Ave

Terra Alta, WV 26764

Possum Tail Farm**

1771 oak Grove Rd

Terra Alta, WV 26764

The Broken Tractor Farm & Winery

446 Harner Road

Bruceton Mills, WV

Round Right Farm**

 145 Dream Field Lane

Terra Alta, WV 26764 

Crimson Shamrock Ranch

1 Eglon Road 

Eglon, WV 26716

EB Farm Hydroponics**

3320 Stemple Ridge Road 

Aurora, WV 26705

Riffle Farms American Bison**

5160 Saltlick Rd 

Terra Alta, WV 26764

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