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Bison has less fat than chicken, more protein than salmon, and more omega 3 fatty acids than even grass-fed beef.

Bison is heart healthy and won’t leave you feeling bloated—it’s Mother Nature’s super food for the carnivore!

Possibly curative

Bone broth made from bison has been noted to be possibly curative by indigenous populations for centuries.

Consumed regularly, bone broth builds immunity to disease and has even been said to heal disease. There is a storehouse of nutrients in animal bones, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and silica. This multi-mineral source supports the health and function of teeth, joints, digestion, and builds immunity. 

All American

Bison were once hunted to near extinction. Today, the National Bison Association, state and regional associations, public herds, and bison ranchers have secured the future of this amazing animal. 

Did you know: Bison is the National Mammal of the United States!

Two Adult American Bison Grazing In Grand Teton National Park, Usa..jpg
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