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We are WV Born, WV Grown, and WV Proud!

We believe in resilient, regenerative agriculture and community stewardship.


Riffle Farms raises grass-fed and finished bison tucked in the hills of Preston County, where the grasses are cool and the snow is heavy. 

Owner and Operator Liz Riffle is a U.S Navy Nurse Corps veteran and her husband, Jimmie, is currently still serving on active-duty as a Navy Nurse Corps Nurse Practitioner. Jimmie was born and raised in Grafton, WV.  Jimmie's roots are here and the Riffle's want generations of Riffle boots to walk and work this ground, right alongside generations of thundering hooves!

We are homegrown and proud to now serve this great nation by feeding it! 

WV Grown

Our Regenerative Philosophy

Humbled by the awareness it takes to see the many natural relationships before us, we have chosen to participate in that exquisite cycle by becoming responsible and transparent farmers. Land is a community to which we belong, with which we can build a relationship. By fostering this community we can begin to love and respect Nature, becoming more than just a participant, but a holistic shepherd.  

Regenerative farming and agriculture provide a resilient system to grow food by building soil that will become abundant for man, beast, and all of Nature. We chose bison, with their intact wildness, to help teach us how to work with Mother Nature instead of against her (plus they are fabulously, healthy meat!)


The Holistic Management Agricultural Movement:


Riffle Farms is part of a growing movement. A movement to facilitate the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands and the livelihoods of their inhabitants, through holistic management led by The Savory Institute  founded in 2009 by Allan Savory. Allan has inspired over 5 million people through his 2013 TED talk, recognized as one of the 50 most intriguing TED talks of all time. Riffle Farms works closely with a local Savory Hub, The Robinia Institute, to support the movement, achieve the same mission, and help educate others.

Liz with bison

Owner - Liz Riffle

Liz is an animal lover first and foremost, and an agent for the natural community. She grew up as an equestrian, took lessons and trained horses across the country while working as an active duty U.S. Navy Nurse Corps nurse. There is no shortage of work ethic for this one! She is committed to honest meat and changing the current meat processing system our Nation relies on. 


Riffle Farms was the first commercial bison operation in the state of West Virginia. They were also the first farm business to field harvest their animals for state certified commercial sale, which is also how Liz’s second business, The Honest Carnivore - A WV Meat Collective, was born. Liz is also now a Savory Accredited Professional and teaches Holistic Management across the country.

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