Holistic Livestock Farm Consulting by Liz Riffle
Holistic Livestock Farm Consulting For Sustainable, Profitable Farming.
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I help overwhelmed new and veteran livestock farmers use regenerative practices to build a holistic and profitable farm business that no longer drains their time, energy, and pocketbook.

I believe that working WITH Mother Nature, instead of against her, leads to harmonious diversity, abundance, and profitability.


Using my Holistic Management Method, I help you reconnect with and better understand natural processes that are vital factors in regenerating your landscape to create a business advantage that is both lucrative and fulfilling.

Running a Livestock Farm Can Be Incredibly Difficult and Time Consuming.


It's no wonder that so many farmers feel overwhelmed and stressed out! Not only do you have to worry about the animals, but you also have to take care of the land and crops.

I offer holistic livestock farm consulting to help farmers create a profitable and sustainable business. By using regenerative practices, I help you work WITH nature instead of against her, leading to a more harmonious farm.

Never Again Wonder How To Make Your Livestock Farm  More Profitable?

It can be tough to make a profit when you're starting out, and it's even harder when you have an off-farm job.


I offer holistic livestock farm consulting that can help you overcome these challenges.


With my help, you'll learn how to sell your meat at a fair price, manage your time more effectively, and increase your profitability. You'll also gain the confidence you need to go full time with your farm.

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Are You Looking For Sustainable Farm Consulting?

Holistic Livestock Farm Consulting by Liz offers regenerative agriculture services that can help your farm business become more profitable. We provide sustainable farming practices and holistic management approach that will help your livestock thrive.

With our years of experience in the industry, we can help you implement sustainable farming methods that work best for your land and livestock. We want to see farmers and ranchers succeed, and with our help, we know you will be able to achieve success in this industry.

Holistic Livestock Farm Consulting by Liz Riffle


  • Ignite a holistic, profitable farm business.

  • Your livestock will be healthier and happier than ever before.

  • Build the farm you've always wanted.

  • Spend more time with your family.

  • Use regenerative agricultural practices to improve soil quality.

  • Enhance your farm's biodiversity.

  • Create a legacy for future generations.

  • Feel more in control of your life.

  • Reduce stress and risk.

  • Get more value from your farm and livestock investments.

  • Enjoy a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.