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2nd Annual Bison Roast

We had a blast hosting over 90 folks up at The Farm in our Party Barn!

It was such an a honor to be surrounded by so many supportive friends and family as we field harvested and slow roasted our very first animal, BORN and RAISED on our own land, to perfection for the crowd.

It was a giant collaboration between our butcher, Phillip Austin of A+ Meat Processing in Thornton, WV; local chef Marion Ohlinger, owner of Hill & Hollow in Morgantown, WV; some of our favorite beer brews by High Ground Brewing in Terra Alta, WV; coffee brews by friends and owners of Inner Loop Coffee from Bethesda, MD; and country tunes by Morgantown native Rodney Rice!

WOW! It was such a wonderful evening! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! And be sure to mark your calendars for the first Saturday in Oct 2022 for our 3rd Annual Bison Roast ;)

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