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Bison Business: Article for the EBA Bison Briefs

Here are some more spectacular photos of our EPIC bison roast from Lauren Somero Photography, along with an article I wrote up for the Eastern Bison Association quarterly Bison Briefs :)

We are the only commercial bison operation in the wild and wonderful state of WV and we want folks to come check us out; to get up close to the beasts while also learning about regenerative grazing and progressively sustainable agricultural practices. We want meat eaters from all over the region to “meet their meat,” be honest carnivores. 

Agritourism is a big part of what we do at Riffle Farms. We currently offer farm tours, bison tastings and cooking demonstrations, and farm-to-table dinners. Our most recent farm-to-table dinner was a huge hit, it was a sold out event with just over 100 guests. Local chef Marion Ohlinger, owner of Hill in Hollow in Morgantown, WV,  partnered with us to pull off the local feast of the year - a bison roast! Yes, one whole animal on one GIANT spit! 

Guests who were interested in taking part in our Appalachian culinary rituals were invited to assist in harvesting the bull the morning before the dinner during an informal, on-farm butchery class. 

"Hill and Hollow and Riffle Farms are committed to the authenticity and transparency in our food chain, and believe that inviting guests to participate in the process can further understanding of where our meat comes from,” chef Marion noted. 

We had ten participants come out for our hands-on butchery lesson. We were all able to share in the humane field harvesting of this great animal, something I have wanted to do as a producer from the beginning. This dinner marked the first field harvesting of many more to come here at Riffle Farms. We have been working with the state and a couple local butchers to move forward with field harvesting our market animals. 

A dinner series plan is in the works for 2021. We hope you will join us for an event! 

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