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Our First Meat Sales!

Raise your glass! 🍹

It‘s a feeling of accomplishment, exhilaration, and a momentary sigh of relief. We did it! - I whisper to my husband over a cocktail.

NOW the real work begins! As orders come in, systems need to be adjusted and/or enhanced. And we find the need for more hands! We already have quite a capable group, but as business booms I find myself closer and closer to making an inevitable, semi-planned, decision - cut back my hours at the bedside to truly focus on what’s barnside :)

It’s risky business, bison raising is. There’s quite an overhead and we are still paying off the start-up costs. My full-time gig at the bedside helps pay those bills, but the necessary transition seems to be quickly approaching.

As I count my blessings, I also ponder the future. There are wonderful things on the horizon, I can feel it!

I’d like to take this moment to also thank you for taking this journey with us! We could not do it without all of our enthusiastic supporters!

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