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Recording Now

Podcasts! Who doesn’t love some good talk to get those brain cells charged up!?

I have some totally awesome farmer friends who have branched out into the podcast world in order to bring y‘all “the good dirt” to coin the phrase from the gals over at Lady Farmer!

I actually had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Emma and Mary, the ladies behind Lady Farmer, recently about all things bison and good meat, that podcast conversation will be coming out this month!

In the meantime, turn your headphones on and listen to some conversations I’ve had with Eli Mack, owner of Mack Farms, who now produces The Pennsylvania Grazier Podcast which documents his and other farmers’ experience with grass-finishing animals and the movement towards #rewilding landscapes for abundance in product and biodiversity.

And check out the live recording on Facebook as well as the podcast conversation I had with Jim Matuga, President of InnerAction Media. Jim is the host for Positively West Virginia, a non-profit podcast and resources website that aims to inspire and equip small businesses leaders and entrepreneurs with the wisdom they need to succeed in WV.

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