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Roasted: Field harvest, butchery, and dinner

Let's "put a face on the table"

At Riffle Farms, we believe in true food transparency. We want you to know where your meat has come from, and to know that it was humanely raised along with being grass-fed and grass finished.

This month marks the first time we were able to field harvest one of our animals. Although, this animal was harvested and processed for our bison roast dinner event, we do have plans to continue to move forward with field harvesting our commercial meat animals as well.

After many years of research into animal welfare and meat processing, my husband and I decided that there wasn't enough humanely raised and harvested meat options out there. So we decided to get into the business! We put our first bison on the Terra Alta property Summer of 2017, and although our husbandry practices have always been humane, we are finally at the point where we can also humanely harvest them.

This marks a new beginning for us, a jumping point. We plan to become humane certified through the Global Animal Partnership within the next 60 days. We also plan to continue to offer informal butchery classes in collaboration with Master Chef and restaurant owner Marion Ohlinger in order to grow a local Meat Collective. A Meat Collective is part of The Good Meat Project started by Camas Davis in Portland, OR. Many cities around the nation have started these collectives in order to educate the public and foodies alike in regards to where their meat really comes from, what to do with the meat, how to cut it appropriately, and how not to create waste.

These animals we eat were once living creatures - it is our duty not to waste the life which we take.

I encourage you to now join me on this journey towards "meat enlightenment." Your body, mind, and soul will thank you ;)

The video below shows some of the informal butchery class we hosted up at The Farm prior to the bison roast dinner. **Some images may be disturbing.** Also, be sure to check back for some photos from the professional photographers who were around the whole weekend capturing spectacular shots of all the events!

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