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Talk Farm To Me

It’s a podcast ;)

XOXOfarmgirl hosts the show from her lovely little farm in Upstate NY. She gets into the nitty gritty details of doing farm stuff, being a farmer, and current issues surrounding the industry.

I recently sat down for a great chat with Farm Girl about our American dream and the American Bison, all from the perspective of our service as U.S. Navy veterans. We talk about building resiliency on the farm, in the animals, and the meat system as a whole - all working together to provide good, honest meat. I also give a few insights into some of the loopholes available to farmers who raise livestock for meat and commercial sale ;)

Check out the podcast episode HERE

“It's a deeply American story. Two veterans raising American Bison. Join your host, Farm Girl, in a spirited conversation with Liz about her majestic herd, how her service prepared her for farming, her seriously straight talk on harvesting animals and how to be an honest carnivore. You will fall in love with Liz, her fierce spirit and her one-ton compatriots.” - Farm Girl

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