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Cowgirl Mama Farm Essentials

I've learned a few things in the past 10 months carting my little bouncing baby boy around The Farm, and if I can even impart one simple idea or recommendation for the new mom also trying to juggle a farm and/or small agricultural business then I consider my words a successful outreach :)

After all, we at Riffle Farms are here for Y-O-U and your family, we want to provide other families with a healthier, sustainable meat that nourishes the body while also caring for the local community and doing our part to help the planet. It's our way of providing a future for our child.

Must haves for staying mobile:

Osprey Poco AG Plus Baby Carrier

- easy to wear, comfortable, and great to start using after baby can no longer fit in a Moby Wrap

- has a sun shade that also helps with the wind

- buckles kiddo in so they don't fall out when you are jumping fences ;)

Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller

- says urban, but it's amazing for hauling kiddo up and down our gravel roads and staging him someplace safe at the farmer's markets :)

- it is wonderful to run with, turns and moves on a dime

- a bit heavy, but worth the load!

Add a good pair of slip on boots and you're basically golden! These three items will keep you on the move, comfortably and safely!

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