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Know Your Farmer

We can’t be experts in everything.

Food is central to who we are, it‘s a pretty big part of every single day. So why don’t we know more about it? Where it comes from? What it actually does to or for our bodies?

It’s almost automatic - Modern Food. Some of the advances and choices at our fingertips have led us to a false sense of feeling full, and it mostly starts and ends with our taste buds.

What am I craving for dinner? Burgers? Chinese? Salad? Bison?

But what are you really “full” of? Is your body nourished or just bloated? That is the difference between food that is good for you and food that just tastes good. Luckily, you can have both 😉

Do the upfront research and find out where your food is actually coming from. What is the ingredient list (Spoiler Alert: less is better!) Why are those ingredients in there? How is the product raised and harvested? What impact do those practices have on our planet?

Just a handful of important questions to keep in mind while you are grocery shopping.

Here’s a secret: Know Your Farmer! Those questions, and more will ALL be answered, and you will be confident that you are getting the best local products - products that are better for you, your family, and the planet 😎 WIN, WIN, and WIN!

Hey WV, FIND a farmer HERE

Preston County: Check out the farmers of The Preston County Farm Crawl

Y’all from Anywhere, U.S.A, FIND a farmers market HERE

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