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Resolving to eat healthier this year??...

A great first step is knowing where your food comes from. Farm to Table is a thing because of the enormous health benefits. No middle man means less food handling, altering, possible tainting, all of which can significantly decrease the nutritional value.

Where does your food come from? Who grows it? Who handles it? Do you trust them?

A recent study reported that 94% of American consumers have no connection to how their food is produced. - D. O'Dell WV Farm Bureau Director of Government Relations, Dec 2018

What is the nutritional value of the food in your fridge, pantry, or that you picked up from the drive-thru? The more processing, the less nutritional value. American's have an obsession with processed foods, an obsession that is slowly killing us. We want convenience, but that doesn't mean to have to settle for processed foods. There are farmer's markets popping up all over the place! Yes, adjusting your food habits takes a little extra thought and planning, but once you find what you are looking for it becomes easier and the health benefits are exponential.

In our wonderful state of WV, there are a couple great ways to find a farmers market near you. I recommend checking out WV Food & Farm Coalition's Local Foods Directory or the Farm Fresh page of WV Tourism.

(Shameless Plug:) Riffle Farms is a part of the Morgantown Farmers Market and our next planned attendance is Feb 2nd, so come on out and get some bison meat to add to your table. It's a heart-healthy, lean meat option loaded with good fats and vitamins!

Where does your food come from?

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