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U.S. Navy Nurse to Bison Farmer

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Collaborating with like minded businesses has its perks! One of which being that we support, grow, and highlight each other‘s efforts towards making our lives and world a better place. Culineer was recently gracious enough to promote our farm story to showcase how other farmers can help their customers cook their wonderful foodstuffs.

THANK YOU Culineer team and mastermind owner Jodi Frank for all that you do for the small farmer, #honestfood , and #honestmeat everywhere :)

Check out the beginning of The Story written by Maura Hoff below, and the full story on Culineer’s Blog

“How does a U.S Navy Nurse Corps veteran adjust to life post active duty? Apparently, raising grass-fed bison in the beautiful West Virginia countryside is a viable option. Liz Riffle, Owner and Operator of Riffle Farms, is the definition of a “True American Hero.” She and her husband, Jimmie, started their farm with a passion for resilient, regenerative agriculture and a belief in what it takes to be an honest carnivore. A CAREER STARTED IN THE NAVY

Living with a father in the Navy, Liz was raised with an appreciation for hard work and a love for her country. The majority of her childhood was spent in New Hampshire where she grew up as an equestrian. Naturally, Liz joined the military at 18-years-old and was accepted into an officer candidate program at the School of Nursing: Loyola University Chicago - she knew she wanted to be a nurse. In 2011, she and her now-husband, Jimmie, met as stateside active-duty U.S. Navy Nurse Corps nurses serving at hospital bases throughout the country. They worked with Wounded Warriors at the National Naval Medical Center (now Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) in Bethesda, MD. Working with amputees and witnessing other forms of shocking trauma, they called this chapter of their lives a “humanizing experience” where they learned to appreciate the resilience of the human mind and body. Eventually, Liz chose to take a step back from the nursing field. While nursing felt like a calling, she was appalled by the lack of transparency between healthcare and business. She couldn’t see herself dedicating her time to an industry strongly influenced by drug and insurance companies. READ MORE

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