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I am always reaching for the moon--I can't seem to get enough...

I'm a dreamer by nature, something Jimmie finds fascinating, even after all these years; he is a realist--we even each other out :) There are many people, places, and things that have inspired me to transition out of medicine and into agriculture. I'd like to share a handful of them with you:

Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond and her cowboy of a husband have built an empire just because of their charming romance and her having the guts to go from city life to ranch wife!

Junk Gypsies - Amie and Jolie have taken small-town, farm style to a whole new level! They are inventive, feminine, bold, and persevering. They are based in the tiny little town of Round Top, Tx --population 90! Sounds like a crazy, fun, down-home time if you ask me :)

Paige Duke - now here's an All-American Cowgirl! A little bit bad-girl mixed with a whole lot of country attitude, style, grace (yes, I said grace!), and All-American good looks. She's rodeo beauty queen mixed with sports personality. God, I wish I could look that good in a hat!

And then there's Jackson, WY. I can't say enough about the inspiration myself, as well as Jimmie, has found in Jackson. It's "where the buffalo roam" for goodness sakes! And home of some of the best skiing on the continent :)

And then there is leather and lace, need I say more ;) (I'm pretty sure those boots are from Junk Gypsy!)

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