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The Hot Dog Story

Our 100% grass-fed and finished bison hotdogs are gaining National attention! Here's why:

What started out as a personal need to find a better hotdog for my toddler has become a regional sensation that is now garnering some National attention. And what could be more American than a Bison Hotdog?!

Our bison hotdogs are made by an award winning meat processor in Wisconsin: Crescent Meats (read that full story HERE). Wayne, the owner, knows exactly how to turn a lean meat into a delicious hotdog--we haven't found another processor yet who can replicate his amazing concoction! However, we are working hard to get our local processor in the running. You may have noticed that we have offered our local processor's version during this off-season; we called it the Country Bison Hotdog. It has a ton of flavor, but it's not quite the drool worthy, make-a-hotdog-lover-out-of anyone hotdog from Wisconsin.

I am not a hot dog person, I would never order one normally, BUT our bison hotdog from Wisconsin is LITERALLY AMAZING--I eat them for breakfast sometimes!! And we have lines at our morning farmers markets for "breakfast dogs!" I like to describe this hotdog as the magical baby of a beer bratwurst and a hotdog ;)

This hotdog will change your world--I guarantee it!!

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Skip Vibert
Skip Vibert
Feb 22

Hi Liz,

How is the Farmer Lady, former Naval Officer, family doing during these winter months?

Not sure how I missed it but read your post on "What banks, financial institutions ....." Read through the information on the link and when you have a few minutes perhaps we could discuss a bit further. We small business always need reasonable priced capital to continue to grow the business while still maintaining a sound cash flow. Got it.

If you want lets set up a time to discuss your opportunity a bit further after this week. OK?

Best to you and family,


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