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It Takes a Village: Farmer Friends

Part of why I got into running my own meat business was to actually make my life easier: I wanted clean, honest, healthy meat for myself and my family - meat that seemed to not exist!

But here we are six years later, being the supplier of this wonderful meat so you don’t have to run around searching any longer. And the fun part, we are connected with, and hope you have also been connecting with, our fellow farmer friends who are doing likeminded things to make your entire edible experience clean, honest, and healthy.

Here are some of our most loved farmer friends:

Wildom Farm - McHenry, MD (pork, chicken, beef, lamb)

Honey Moon Farm - Accident, MD (all the vegetables)

What The Farm - Virginia Beach, VA (pork, chicken, lamb & NEW beef)

Rehoboth Farm - Suffolk, VA (pork, chicken, lamb)

Timshel Wildland - Charlottesville, VA (beef, lamb, and regenerative training!)

Kelly Shepherd here in this photo helping me out during our Annual Bison Roast last year, while I was 8 months pregnant! (2022)

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