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This Lady Farmer’s Beauty Basics

Let's keep it simple and as farm fresh as possible :)

Pig lard - seriously lucious for your skin, because pigs are very close to us genetically, which means their oils are easily taken up and utilized by our own skin. DYK that pigs are so close to us genetically that we use their heart valves as replacements for our own in cardiac surgeries?! Get some local lard-based moisturizer, in a lovely package done up by Wildom Farm. Great for babies too!

Neosporin - when you do need a heavy hitter for spot treatment anywhere on the body, whether it be scars or acne, this stuff actually works! Also great for the kiddos!

Local honey sugar scrub - fine sugar mixed half n half with local honey is the perfect facial and body cleanser. The finer the sugar the better. Honey is an all natural anti-microbial and a humectant, so you get the clean while also keeping the moisture. We actually used to have honey impregnated gauzes that we would use to pack and dress wounds when I was in the military (back in 2011, honey was one of the latest technologies in medicine!)

Rose oil - a sumptuous oil that is amazing for the skin, it has a bit of a high price tag for the good stuff, but it's worth it! I use a version mixed with Argan oil. I'm still looking for a local source, currently I get mine from Shea Terra Organics.

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