West Virginia

Our farm is located in Terra Alta, WV. The original lot and house was parceled off and built in 1851. We are nestled between ridge lines with a healthy upward draft that keeps the grass cool and the snow heavy. The robust herd of bison roam acres of rolling hills with hardy grasses and plentiful springs. 

We are the fourth military family to live and work on the property, and we are honored to now have the opportunity to serve our local communities by offering a healthy, sustainable meat option.


Grass Fed

Green is the new gold!!

Green grass that is! 

Our bison are allowed to naturally graze on abundant grass and are occasionally supplemented with high-quality hay. They roam the property much like they would have roamed the Appalachian Mountains hundreds of years ago. 

Our bison are NEVER fed corn or grains to fatten them up, or "finish" them. Raising a grass-fed herd requires a meticulous farmer, one who is acutely aware of the nutritional, spatial, and mental needs of an animal. The herd's health and the taste of the meat directly reflect this nature-driven 



Sustainable Meat Matters

We believe in harvesting a product that will be available for generations. A product that is sustainable, nutritious, and ethically resourced. 


Our bison are harvested in a humane manner. We use low-stressing handling techniques and limit the amount of times the animals are worked. Reducing their stress limits the hormone build up in the animals' muscles. This keeps the final meat product tender and more nutritionally desirable.



All of our meat is state certified.We try to use every piece of the animal for food, leather and fur goods, and dog treats.

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