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Lessons Learned

All in a day's work

Ran the herd through the chute system was a long day! But thanks to my handy crew of "bison wranglers," we were able to get them all vaccinated, fly sprayed, dewormed, and preg checked with only a couple scrapes, bumps, and bruises (animals as well as the crew!)

Running these easy stressed, only semi-domesticated animals through the chute system is quite the endeavor; especially when safety and health are of the utmost concern.

We learned a few lessons this time around...

1) Slide all gates shut prior to the chute to prevent the animal from coming into the chute at full speed.

2) Do a pre-check of all equipment prior to use. And know how it all fits together and comes apart...

3) Have tables available to just put stuff on, any kind of stuff: ultrasound, books, waters, phones, etc.

4) Clean, continuous water source at hand is clutch!

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