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Growing Up Bison

It's a farm life for him

Jamon Robert Riffle is 9 1/2 months, the apple of my eye, and I can tell he's going to be hell on wheels as soon as he can reach the steering wheel (or handle bars!). I am so glad we chose to start our family on The Farm. Jimmie is excited to show him around his old stomping grounds as he grows up, I'm excited to teach him about the land and the animals, and we are both looking forward to raising a little person (and hopefully another one or two!) who become active members of their communities.

Here is a glimpse so far into what Jamon has been getting himself into :)

Being a mom is a new skill I am diligently cultivating, and come to find out it is quite time consuming...!! The sleepless nights are many, but the rewards of innocent, sparking eyes and baby giggles are much more :)

I am still quietly ushering in this new life chapter.

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