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Preston County Farm Crawl - July 14

Come one, come all! Come on out to the Preston County Farm Crawl!!

Farm Crawls are popping up all over the nation, they are an opportunity to get an inside look at the operations of locally owned and operated agricultural businesses. The Preston County Farm Crawl will highlight local farms and businesses that take pride in their communities and bring true meaning to “wild and wonderful!”

Up here is Preston County, we don't have fancy resorts or wild night life (unless you count the bears, deer and coyotes as party animals). Across our 651 square miles we have a handful or restaurants, a few shops, some great parks and trails, and more than 1,000 family-owned farms.
We get beautiful glimpses of local agriculture driving around on county roads, and we can eat the products of these farms at local restaurants or from farmers markets.
...if you'd like a crash course in what we have up here in the mountains, I highly recommend attending the Preston County Farm Crawl, from 10am-6pm on July 14th.
- Aldona Bird, For the Dominion Post

A Farm Crawl is a great way to see what the area has to offer from a farm perspective. Not all farms are able to set up a storefront and host regular business hours, a Farm Crawl allows these farmers to showcase their space, products, and husbandry. There is a surge or Crawls occurring out West and I couldn't help but think this same idea could be utilized well to help showcase the bounty here in West Virginia.

The current list of farms and businesses includes: Pike Mountain Farm, High Ground Brewing, The Broken Tractor Farm and Winery, Round Right Farm, Possum Tail Farm, Riffle Farms, EB Farms, and Crimson Shamrock Alpaca Ranch. The farms and businesses will be open to the public with regular tours and sale of farm-fresh products throughout the day.

Here are Riffle Farms, we will have sample of bison meat and ready-to-eat bites as well! Come check out the farms, the fun, the animals, and take home some farm fresh products!!

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