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Supporting a Revolution: Women Entrepreneurs

There is nothing more beautiful and alluring than a woman truly living in her own skin and living out her purpose. - Jenn Aubert

To quote Jenn again, as she hits the nail on the head in regards to the community duty I am passionate about and want to promote:

I believe we [women entrepreneurs] will be the mass force that will dramatically turn the current state of the world around... Our love and gravitation towards community will be the cornerstones of change. What better way to give back, then, than to provide jobs, monetarily contribute, pay for services and build companies with meaning and purpose. - Jenn Aubert

I am definitely still in support of my fellow farm men and cowboys, but I gotta hand it to the ladies here as I think Jenn Aubert is on to something!

Need an inspirational, entrepreneurial read to dive into? May I recommend the Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! by Jenn Aubert :)

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