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The secret to looking and feeling great isn’t in your workout...

It’s in your food!

Notice how I didn’t say diet; the word diet has too many negative connotations that make you think of limited time frames and minuscule meals.

You need food! Real FOOD! FARM FRESH FOOD!

Farm fresh dairy, meat, and eggs all have the “good fats” that our bodies need for brain development. These good fats also keep us fuller longer. So go ahead and splurge on that Rib-Eye steak with butter melting on top! It’s delicious and nutritious! Just make sure your farmers have grass-fed and finished products. Grains and grain finishing add those bad fats back into dairy, meat, and eggs. These grains are not the animals’ natural diet and changes their cellular makeup. I guarantee you will eat less when you eat better!

Can I offer you one of our grass-fed and finished bison Rib-Eye steaks?? :)

But how do you get it? Well you can start by checking out Farm Fresh WV for a local market near you. FRESH FARM is a wonderful site with TONS of info on all kinds of market stuff around D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Local Harvest is also a great website to find a market just about anywhere in the U.S. Many of them are still in operation during the winter, and due to some redesigning, many of them allow you to pre-order online so you can meal plan in the comfort on your own home (instead of on the spot with a little one tugging on your arm!).

We are at the Morgantown Farmers Market every other Saturday during the Winter months. And we will be at both The Morgantown Farmers Market every Saturday and The Bridgeport Farmers Market every Sunday starting in May!!

Happy, Healthy Shopping Y’all!!

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