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What a wonderful night!: Our first farm-to-table dinner

It was just majestic with the animals and the sunset... - Mike Costello (photo credit)

Wow! We pulled it off! And it was great! The evening ended up being a smaller gathering than anticipated, but the intimate setting paid off with spectacular food, conversation, and photo ops :)

We were able to show off the animals, our new event space, and the diversity of the meat. Thank you to all those folks who came up to support our endeavors! Thank you again to Mike Costello and Amy Dawson, our meticulous chefs; LoganTown for the perfect bluegrass tunes; WV Agri-Women for their combined support; Ella & Co for the fabulous tables and settings; and Swilled Dog Cider for providing the libation!!

Hope to see you all next year when we do it again ;)

It's official: Happy FALL!!

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