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What the Steak?!

Prime rib vs. rib eye

NY Strip vs. strip loin

Tenderloin and filet?

Oh my, there are so many Steak options!! Here is the low down on what they are and how to cook them best from the most popular to the lesser known, best kept secret cuts ;)

Of note: bison is much leaner than beef and won't need to cook as long. These cooking recommendations below are specifically for bison steaks.


The Nation’s most popular steak (and our best seller), you can get it boneless or with the bone still in (also called a cowboy steak, this is also where the tomahawk steak comes from). Marbled with fat, this steak has a ton of flavor!

How to Cook: cast iron pan seared is best, but this steak also cooks very well on the grill.


Part of the tenderloin, which is the term for the entire cut of meat filets are cut from. Meltingly soft because the animal hardly uses it, typically there is no need for a steak knife with this cut. However, there is very little fat.

How to Cook: Sous Vide is ALWAYS a safe bet with meat that has very little fat, although the tenderloin can get pan seared, grilled, or roasted with care.

New York Strip

Part of the cut of meat called the strip loin, this steak is a beautiful mix of tenderness with a fat cap to give major flavor.

How to Cook: Just like a rib-eye, although there is less marbling so it will be less resilient to overcooking.


This cut is taken from the belly, and is used to hold things in place; some of the organs are literally suspended from or “hung” from it. A butcher’s hidden gem because there is very little of it and it’s not actually used for movements, which makes it incredibly tender.

How to Cook: it's soft texture is perfect for soaking up marinades. Sear for a crisp outter layer and cutting ease.


A hardworking muscle just in front of the back legs. Typically a thin steak that needs quick, high heat. Cut it against the grain to keep it from being chewy.

How to Cook: sear hot and quick, then let sit for 3-5 mins. Perfect for things like fajitas or steak salad.


Also known as chuck eye steak, because that's exactly where it comes from on the animal (Denver has a bit more sex appeal as a term though :) Actually quite tender and marbled like a rib eye, this steak is the butcher's best kept secret: the price tag is low but it cooks and tastes almost exactly like a ribeye!

How to Cook: pan-searing is best so as not to overcook, but a quick 2 min per side on the grill will also get the job done.


Comes from the hindquarter where the tenderloin and top loin meet. An all around flavorful, tender, yet lean steak.

How to cook: Sear in a cast iron pan for 1 min each side, then place in an oven preheated to 400 degrees for ten mins. Remove and let sit for 5 mins before cutting.

By the way, we cut and sell all of these ;) You can preorder online for market pick up (we are still testing shipping, but hoping to offer that soon!)

Happy taste testing!!

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